Dingley Village Historical Society

It was in 1996 that Dingley Village residents met and formally proposed that a Historical Society be formed. The Neighbourhood Centre kindly gave us a home at 31 Marcus Rd and we looked at other Societies in Kingston to discuss their collections and more importantly their aims and ambitions.

Our ambitions were initially small

- To collect photos, newspapers and memorabilia
- To research families and properties
- To become part of both Museums Australia and the City of Kingston Historical Societies Network.

We planned to both assist families searching historical information and to recruit interested people to allow our society to grow and develop.

We accept donations relevant to our history, and even collect data regarding today’s happenings. After all --- today’s happenings are tomorrow’s history!

We had a long term goal – we would publish our history! We had no idea how or when, but we were determined.